Terms & Usage
24 Mar 2016

1. The PRICE FROM 15 € varies depending on rental duration: the longer the rental, the lower the price per day. The price is also influenced by pick and place of delivery.

2. ADVANCE – the amount of money transferred to the account GREENSTREET.LT before the confirmation of the booking. You are able to cancel the reservation and get the refund when there are left more that 24 hours till the start of the rental. When there are left 24 hours or less till the the start of the rental, advance is not refundable.

3. DEPOSIT (deposit) – the amount of money paid by bank transfer or paid in cash on rental day, picking up a car or reserving in your account for the rental persiod, using your credit card as a guarantee to cover the potential damage of the car (the size of Deposit is 400 €). Deposit will be returned when the car is delivered.

4. DEPOSIT is used for Breakage (driver‘s personal responsibility):
– In the case of accident due to clients’s fault. If the client violates the traffic rules, drives while intoxicated or while not entitled to drive (by lease terms), he is 100% responsible for the damage. If the accident happens not because of the client’s fault, 100% of the damage is covered by liability insurance and the client recovers the full deposit.
– In the case of the loss of the car documents and/ or keys, maliciously damaged vehicle or its’ equipment (demaged car seats, smoking in the car, the car interior is required dry cleaning after the rental, etc.).

5. Driver’s personal liability is 400 €

6. In the CASE OF THEFT, if the client brings to the Lessor original vehicle documents and keys, he’s responsibility is 400 €. In the absence of documents and car keys, the full responsibility lies with the client. Therefore, never leave the documents in the car, and always lock the car.

7. In the case of the MECHANICAL FAILURE, your liability is 0 €.

8. In the case of the CAR BREAKDOWN, please call immediately by phone +370 684 79 379 (24 h). The Greenstreet.lt car insurance includes free roadside assistance throughout Lithuania.

9. FUEL. The GREENSTREET.LT car on the first rental day is delivered with a full fuel tank. You have to fill the car fuel tank on the repayment date in the nearest petrol station to the airport or delivering-site. Fueling lasts until the filling gun is automatically disconnected. It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to operate vehicles with the unexplained fuel purchased illegally!

10. ARRIVAL TO LITHUANIA (after landing at the airport) at a time, please call us by phone +370 684 79 379. The is a free Wi-Fi operating at the Airports, so you can call or write using Viber or Skype to greenstreet.lt. If you know that you will not be able to use your phone, please write the comment while booking the car and indicate that you need the car to wait at the main exit of the arrival shall.

11. DELAY. In the case your flight is delayed, you will not have to worry, because the GREENSTREET.LT employee is watching online monitors flight arrival time (please include the flight number in the comments while booking).


13. FORCE MAJEURE. In the event of unforeseen circumstances (vehicle technical fault, the accident, etc., which couldnot be estimated), GREENSTREET.LT reserves the right to propose another available car.

14. AT THE END OF THE RENT (not less than one day before the end of the lease), please write us by phone +370 684 79379 or e-mail rezervacija@ greenstreet.lt and specify the return time of the vehicle.
Have a GOOD and SAFE trip with GREENSTREET.LT !!!